A Special Gift from the Old, Old Campus

A gift from the Class of 1965

A gift from the Class of 1965

This weekend at the dinner celebration of the Class of 1965, Peter Magee told the most wonderful story of Rudy, the janitor at the old Merion campus. Rudy had kept a lot of the artifacts that were to be thrown away when Episcopal Academy moved from Juniper Street in Philadelphia out to the Merion campus. Like many of the students over the years, Peter befriended Rudy. When looking through the things he had collected, Peter saw a wall clock from the Civil War era that once hung on the old campus. Peter asked Rudy if he could buy the clock from him and offered ten dollars. Rudy thought that was a lot of money for an old clock!

Peter eloquently shared this story with his classmates and me, and then said, “I have been holding on to this clock for all these years, waiting for the right time. Tonight, it seems like just the right time, and so we present this clock to you, T.J.” With a teary eye, I gladly accepted this precious artifact of our history. I was overwhelmed with the passion these alumni had for Episcopal, and I was honored they were asking me to continue the rich traditions of our great school.

A picture from the Locust Street gymnasium from the 19th Century. This may be the same clock that hung on the back wall.

A picture from the Locust Street gymnasium from the 19th Century. This may be the same clock that hung on the back wall.

Awe-inspiring collaboration! Matisse at EA

DSC_0079Even though we are already preparing for our next show, I wanted to comment on the last gallery exhibition by the Art rEvolution class. Our students were impressed early on in J-Term with the work of this class, but the final product was awe inspiring. The crowd who attended the Arts on the Move evening was treated during intermission to a collection of work as prolific as it was impressive. My favorite piece was the collaborative Matisse wall mural. I love that it was inspired by the field trip the class took to see the Matisse exhibit in New York. I love that they all started with white paper and mixed the colors themselves, and of course, I love that it was a collaborative piece.


DSC_0766 DSC_0103 DSC_0764

My trip to Google

I was recently out in San Francisco, and I took advantage of my time in the Silicon Valley to visit some interesting places and people. I had the privilege of visiting the Google Campus, and it was exactly what I expected and surprising all at the same time.

About 25,000 people work at the Mountain View, California campus. While they have strict security to get in the buildings, the campus is pretty open. You can see a beach volleyball court in the middle of all their buildings, and the employees play regularly. There are multi-colored (Google colors) bicycles everywhere, and you can just take one when you need it to get across campus. They also have about a dozen restaurants or cafes, and all the food is subsidized, so employees (and guests) can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. My host told me Google was the first to start this practice, but now most tech companies offer the same kinds of privileges for their employees. There were high-end coffee and espresso machines everywhere with plentiful snacks. As you might imagine, everyone was dressed casually. Very casual! I felt complete overdressed and very northeastern in my sports jacket!

Google provides shuttles to and from San Francisco for employees so they can get work done during the traffic-filled commute. Of course they have wireless internet on the shuttles. There are also several fitness centers and even a bowling alley on campus. It seems like a very fun and creative place. And of course, we saw lots of people wearing Google Glass!

One of the coolest things I saw was a 360 degree photo display. I clicked on various places on a world map and then could turn a knob to see a 360 degree view of beautiful locations. The view in New Zealand was spectacular! I can only imagine the cool educational implications for this technology.

As you might imagine, they try to measure everything. Everyone there has bought into big data. There is simultaneously a lot of freedom and a lot of accountability.

I was only there for an hour or two, but it is the kind of place that will open your mind to new possibilities and how different workplace cultures can be effective.


New Field Turf

You may have noticed that our turf field looks brand new. We worked with the manufacturer and discovered that the blades of “grass” were beginning to split because of the heat. They agreed to replace the field at no cost to the school. I’ll see you at the Jamboree on the 24th! Go Greenies!

The most wonderful time of the year!

I can’t wait for tomorrow! We have all been working hard to get ready for the new school year. Here is a sneak peek at the new dining hall. I think it looks great! See you tomorrow!

The salad/sandwich bar is twice the size and located on the other side of the room. Try the panini maker!

The renovated dining hall. 4 serving stations instead of 2!