Foxcatcher: Not in our backyard….but close!

With the movie Foxcatcher receiving major Oscar buzz prior to its release this Friday, I am sure that many are wondering whether the 1996 murder of Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler Dave Schultz occurred on current EA property.

According to police records and the many folks in the know with whom I’ve spoken, the Lister Dairy Farm land that Episcopal purchased and now sits on is on the complete opposite side of the duPont’s 480-acre property where the shooting took place. The incident occurred in a white farmhouse on the Goshen Road side of the du Pont’s estate that was given to John’s parents by his maternal grandfather William Liseter Austin.

So, while this was nearby, it did not take place on our actual property. From what I am told they did not shoot the film on the actual property either. Still, it is interesting to think that such a bizarre set of events happened so close to our current location.


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