Mission Driven (Part II): Inspiration is the key!

Last week I wrote that I referenced our mission statement in my opening address to the faculty:

Challenging and nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit, we inspire boys and girls to lead lives of purpose, faith, and integrity.

But in addition to the fact that I feel my own personal philosophy is closely aligned with EA’s mission, I wanted to share another insight about the power of our mission.

I think the most important part of the mission statement might just be the word “inspire.” I believe when we are at our best, we are inspiring our students and each other.

As I get to know our faculty better, I thought it was important for me to share with them some of my beliefs about education.

Content Knowledge is important.

Pedagogy is important.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge is important.

Good teaching can be learned (I believe in the growth mindset)


I believe in the art of teaching.

When you see a great teacher teach, there is an inspirational magic to it. The beauty that only artists can attain flows through the classroom.

I then asked each teacher to share with me at some point in the year a moment of true inspiration. I look forward to sharing those magical moments with you. Have a great year!


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