Our Senior Master: 45 years of wisdom

135_2014-5-30There are so many rich traditions here at Episcopal, and one of my favorites has to be one that begins our school year. Each August, the Senior Master (the teacher with the longest tenure) addresses the faculty and staff. And while I do my best to set a positive and inspirational tone to begin the year, there is something special about hearing from our most experienced teacher. Our Senior Master is Chip Hollinger. Chip began his 45th year at EA telling us all a story of small bridge at a summer house “in a place called Hogestown-just outside of Harrisburg.”

His father built this bridge along with his grandfather, and there is “a set of footprints placed ‘walking’ across the bridge (all very typical of a teenager when confronted with wet cement!)” Chip continued to tell such a lovely story of walking in those footsteps, and then he turned the story into an important message for his colleagues.

“Not only are we following in the footprints of our predecessors, but we ourselves are placing footprints of our own in the hearts and minds of our students and the historical lore of the school.”

Everyone looks forward to Chip’s speech each year. It is always lovely and poignant, and we all benefit from his wisdom.


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