Professional Development for the 21st Century

On first glance, the power of our membership with the Global Online Academy comes with our ability to offer rigorous, interesting, and dynamic courses taught by independent school teachers and taken by academically driven students from around the world. Perhaps an even more significant benefit of our relationship with GOA is the quality of their professional development offeringsPD Courses GOA.

I believe deeply in the power of professional development. Our jobs as educators are simply too challenging to do on our own, and it is imperative that we stay current in our field. The courses our teachers can take will not only open them up to the world of online learning, but it will expand their toolkit, as they work with students in a rapidly changing landscape.

When I think of the dauntingly vast set of resources on the internet, I imagine the course, “Creating and Curating Content,” would be of immense help to teachers. Whenever I interview teachers, I ask them, “How do you stay current?” The course, “Creating a Personal Learning Network to Strengthen Your Practice,” is a great place to learn how to harness the expertise of educators from around the world.  They have courses that seem specific (“Making Videos and Screencasts”) and others that are have broader strategy in mind (“Coaching Innovation”).

These courses, open to all of our teachers, will empower our already talented faculty to connect with students in new ways. And even though they are designed to support online learning, it is obvious to me they are also extremely relevant for teaching in traditional settings.


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