Making the call about snow

As you can imagine, calling a snow day or delay is a tricky one. Those who rely on us for child care have an issue if we delay or cancel. If we do not, there is always some back road or some situation that makes life difficult for our families and faculty.

This morning’s call was easier because all of the public schools surrounding us called a two hour delay. Many of our kids rely on their busing. Also Malvern Prep called a delay, and our situation is probably more like theirs than some of the independent schools we used to be closer to on the Merion campus.

So, with Rosetree Media, TE, Marple Newtown, Great Valley, Haverford Twp, and West Chester all in delay, the choice was clear to me.

A Day in the Life

We obviously start thinking of this early. Our crew salts and sands beforehand, and plows throughout the day. Then they come in around 3:30 a.m. in order to give me every flexibility. I am in touch with the news like you, but I also communicate with independent and public schools to try and coordinate. We like to try and make a call before 5 am to let the buses know. I realize no matter what we decide, it will be a problem for some. As always, we try and do our best.



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