Online Learning

Last year, Newman joined the Global Online Academy, which is comprised of top independent schools from around the world who want to work together harness the power of online learning. I will be writing more about this venture which I think holds tremendous potential for our school, and we have already had about a half dozen students complete courses in the first semester.

In order to further my knowledge in this emerging field, I have enrolled in my first online course, entitled, “Charting a Direction for Online Learning.” I think it will be good for me to experience an online course, and of course the content will help in developing my leadership in this arena. In addition to the online modules, there will be two in-person sessions at The Hockaday School in Dallas.

Here is a short, 12 minute video from one the teacher of the course, Brad Rathgeber, the Director of the Online School for Girls. In this short presentation, Brad provides a quick overview of the field of online learning. I think you will find it interesting.

I believe that there is great promise in the field of online learning, and I will continue to post resources and reflections from the course.


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