Lunch and Learning: by Penny Evins

Did you hear the chatters and giggles? It is that time of year when I have the pleasure of eating with a small group of students from each grade and it is simply a marvelous part of my day and job! Last week, the Pre-K group was all abuzz about what might happen on Friday. They heard rumors about leprechauns and that because our school colors are green and white, our campus is a choice destination. We practiced hypothesizing what might happen if indeed such a visit were to happen this year.

No doubt, the following luncheon was better than any working lunch in my career. The Kindergartners joined me on Friday and indeed, the small and mischievous little person left traces. Of course, Mr. Tines was prodding and checking in with our end of campus to find out if anything “different” was present or missing. Needless to say, I could hardly get a word in during this loquacious group’s dining experience.

This week, some very mature and energetic first graders joined me to discuss setting, which many are studying in their literacy blocks. We talked about first grade and The Newman Way. These budding authors decided that a story about The Newman Way could easily take place in first grade. So, as we ate, we collectively crafted a story. Each student came up with a sentence, and our story is now published.

From predictions to primary experiences, our youngest Greenies are so immersed with learning, friendships, and the joys of our surroundings that working hard is a pleasure and pleasure is found in working hard. All we have to do as adults is listen to the chatter, ask open ended questions, and drop the “plug ins” to learn from the children. The joys of their conversation are to be treasured, and I thank you for sharing your brilliant and wonderful children with us each day.


Penny B. Evins

Lower School Head/Lunch Companion


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