The Klingenstein Fellowship: First and Lasting Impressions

At the end of January, I had the good fortune to spend two weeks at Teachers College at Columbia University as part of the Klingenstein Fellowship for Heads of School. I’d like to share some of my impressions, reflections, and takeaways from this invaluable experience.

Like all Heads of School, fundraising is a significant portion of my responsibility, and one of the most striking impressions is the power of the gift from the Klingenstein Family. To house and educate twenty heads from around the world is quite an expense, and this gift has helped to strengthen the leadership in the world’s best schools year after year.

I was similarly amazed at the commitment to field a cohort from around the world. It was fascinating for me to spend two solid weeks immersed in learning with colleagues from around the world (Croatia, Latvia, France, Czech Republic, Canada, Venezuela, and South Africa). Feel free to click on the links directly to the schools involved. As we think here at Newman about how best to globalize our curriculum, we now have additional connections and resources to help us.

I was also immediately struck by the respect I received when I said I am from Newman. You probably have all experienced this, but it continues to impress me how our international reputation continues to flourish. Of course, it helped that I was in New York right before the Super Bowl! But our School has a brand that stands for academic excellence, and that brand is well-known. As honored as I was to be learning from these esteemed leaders and professors, they were equally anxious to learn about our work at Newman.


One thought on “The Klingenstein Fellowship: First and Lasting Impressions

  1. Wow. We are lucky to have you!! Thanks so much for your hard work and commitment to make Newman even more special!!

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