Letter to Harvard

This is a letter from a Head of School to Harvard in 1934. I thought you might find it amusing. Thanks to Ed Graf and his interesting world of college counselors for passing this along.

_________ has been a thorn in my flesh for six years.  Until the
very last term of his school course he never came up to his
intellectual promise except for a brief interval under extreme
pressure during his next-to-last year.  His scholastic aptitude rating
should place him in Group III in college, but he has so far shown an
incorrigible aversion to scholastic labor.

I like the boy immensely, in spite of all his scholastic short-
comings.  He is perfectly frank and open, fundamentally honest, and no
quibbler.  Of course, he may mature quickly enough to steer clear of
the scholastic dangers which beset the freshmen, but he is the kind
that needs a short, not a long rope, at the first sign of trouble.

The boy was admitted.