The Wizard of Oz opens this week!

We are finishing up our tech rehearsals this weekend for The Wizard of Oz. I have never been in a musical before, so I am in awe of all that happens behind the scenes. We have been rehearsing for weeks, getting the lines down, working on blocking. But now, the show is starting to come alive. The costumes are coming in, the lighting cues are set, the full band comes in Monday, and all of the special effects are surfacing. In the words of Dean of the Arts, Paul Tines, “This is going to be epic!” There is something in the show for everyone. We have over 30 lower school students playing the munchkins and monkeys. Young audience members are going to love them, and I think they will also be impressed with Toto…yes, we have a real dog. There are some very cool special effects in the show. I can’t wait to see the witch melt!! And of course, there will be some surprises. There is also a musical number that was not in the movie. I hope you will be able to come see the show!

A scene from rehearsals: Munchinkin Land


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