Learning at my reunion

I just returned from the ten year celebration of the beginning of the University of Pennsylvania Mid Career Doctoral Program. Catching up with colleagues and professors was invigorating, and I am so impressed with the attention to quality of this program. We speak often about 21st Century skills, and when I think about this program and how rigorous, diverse, and collaborative it is, I am convinced that this type of education will become more typical.

Pedro Noguera

In addition to breakout sessions on data driven schools and developing leadership capacity through distributing leadership, I was also able to hear from Pedro Noguera. He shared his views on the current state of education and that he hoped the national debate would shift from a simplistic, polarized view to a more nuanced and complex view of the issues. The main piece of advice he gave is that we as educators need to learn from each other. As I looked around the room at folks from public schools, charter schools, private schools, independent schools as well as from various departments of education, I felt truly privileged to be able to debate and discuss key educational issues with my colleagues. I enjoyed sharing Newman’s story and the good work we are doing. I think we will have many visitors soon.


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