We’ll give you $2 million and…

As many of you know, we received a $2 million gift from the Malone Foundation, and now I am finding that the value of that gift is even greater.  I have now been invited to meet regularly with the Heads of the Malone schools, and this summer I will spend a few days with them at Stanford University. I received some information about the conference, and I thought I’d share my excitement with you.

Our goals for the conference are to : 1. Take advantage of the deep talent pool at Stanford University; 2. Bring together a collection of capable school leaders to build a sense of collegiality, identify shared challenges, and work together to clarify best practices; 3. Identify how a Malone School Consortium might provide cost-effective program benefits and enhancements; 4. Have contact with the Stanford Office of Admission to increase the profile of Malone Schools and better understand the admission process.  

           Here are the highlights:

  1. We will hear presentations from a senior admission officer from Stanford who will discuss recent trends in selective college admissions including some insight into such issues as the dropping of Advanced Placement curriculum at some schools, grade inflation, and early action/decision patterns, etc.
  2. Another session will be devoted to 21st century learning. A Stanford professor will share research and discuss trends. This session will look at such topics as blended learning, flipped or asynchronous learning, use of some new internet resources (Ex. Khan Academy), and applications of Daniel Pink’s ideas, etc.
  3. We will have a faculty member from the School of Business who will discuss leadership as it applies to schools (non-profit/governance), Heads (leaders vs. managers), and students.
  4. There will be a demonstration of new classroom technologies being developed by silicon valley firms to facilitate distance and blended learning. This will be a part of a broader discussion on developing a Consortium of Malone Schools that would participate by opening up enrollment in some classes to students from other Malone Schools. We will also tour the facilities of Stanford-On-Line and observe how that program works.
  5. Small group discussions will be on topics selected by the participants. We will ask what are the most important areas of interest, both broad (admissions, development, athletics, the economy) and specific (social networking policies, endowment policies, personnel issues, etc.). These “cracker barrel” sessions will be led by our own Heads.
  6. Depending upon the availability of top Professors, we may also hear presentations on other topics of interest, such as social innovations. Our focus is to have speakers who will offer both theoretical and practical presentations.
I wish I could take you all with me! I’ll be sure to blog about the experience.

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