Film Program: See what our kids can do!

Students attend the inaugural film festival at the Prytania Theatre

Thanks to an E.E. Ford grant, Newman was able to begin a filmmaking course this year. This led to our inaugural film festival, which you can read about here. Anyone who has tried to do any video editing knows that it is a time intensive process that takes a good amount of persistence. When Katie turned two, I put together a montage of pictures, and it must have taken me a week to finish it. But our students went through the entire process and added artistic vision and style to their work. In our latest alumni news, we share the story of our film class and link to a few examples of the great work of our students. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

We  uploaded two of the award-winning films for you to enjoy. Click on one of the links below to watch the film.
Watch Steps of Transcendence: Dancing Through Differences,” winner of Best Film Demonstrating Cultural Awareness & Understanding.

Watch “It’s a Mall World,” winner of Best Editing.

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