It Lasts a Lifetime!

Some of you may have seen our recent edition of the alumni news, but for those of you who are not alumni, it is worth taking a look.

Click here to see a copy of the most recent alumni newsletter.

I am so impressed by our alumni, and I often share their stories with students and parents because the Newman experience does indeed last a lifetime. It is a great benefit for our seniors to be able to talk with the Ambassador to Finland or a renowned artist, but I am also amazed at the networking power that our graduates have. I was recently at lunch with some former Newman parents whose son was about to graduate college, and Sabrina Pilant in our Advancement office was able to give them several leads of Newman grads in their son’s specific field of interest.

Hardworking people sometimes just need someone to give their resume a little extra glance or spend a little time with them on the phone. It is great when it is a fellow Greenie on the other end! The investment of a Newman educations pays off, and every time I talk with alumni, I am further convinced this is true.


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