News: Sarah Clifford hired to be Learning Specialist in Lower School

Sarah Clifford

I am excited to announce that Sarah Clifford will join our faculty for next year as a learning specialist. She and Ana Kurt will work together to serve the lower school. I asked Penny Evins to share a description of Sarah:

Ebullient, engaging, enthusiastic, and student-centered, Sarah blew us away with her content knowledge and style. She has worked tirelessly in our city with area charter schools and is committed to seeing her students through the end of this year.  Sarah is trained in many of our programs and looks forward to becoming a part of our learning community and adding her own special niche to our culture.  She is a thespian and when she met Mr. Tines, I knew she would be a part of his future projects.  Learning will come alive with each interaction Ms. Clifford has with our students, faculty, and parents.  The group of students who worked with her during her interview were engaged and found her to be helpful, fun, and “awesome.”

Welcome Sarah!!


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