A Week in the Life of a Newman Student

Did you have a busy week running around, talking to what seemed like a million people, and rushing from place to place? The students in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools might have you beat. This was an amazing week full of activities, and this does not even take into account all of their academic courses and sports. Let’s take a look at what the students have been doing:

Lower School

  • The 1st grade held a Canada Extravaganza, celebrating the country in song.
  • The kindergarten wrote books about their parents and presented them during the Kindergarten Authors’ Tea.
  • The Lower School welcomed Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur Series of books, during a special assembly.
  • The students learned about Japanese folklore, traditions, and origami during the Andrew Elkins Day assembly.
  • The 5th graders made teacups and held a Japanese tea ceremony.
  • The 2nd grade explored art during a field trip to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Middle School

  • Jake Halpern, journalist and author of the Dormia young-adult book series, spoke to Newman’s Middle School about writing and the story-telling process. Afterward, he visited a 7thgrade English class and discussed writing and his upcoming book.
  • Middle schoolers made banners and held a fundraiser in preparation for hosting the St. Michael Special School Soccer Tournament on Lupin field.
  • The Middle School Community Service Club visited St. Michael Special School.
  • The 6th grade took a field trip to Fontainebleau State Park.
  • The students learned about Japanese folklore, traditions and origami during the Andrew Elkins Day assembly.

Upper School

  • Freshmen students attended a Peer Leadership Cabaret in the Krohn Foyer and Henson Auditorium.
  • Staff Sergeant Robert Wolf spoke to Isidore Newman School students about World War II, where he served in both the Pacific and European Theaters.
  • U.S. Representative Cedric Richmond spoke to students in Isidore Newman School’s Young Democrats Club about government, the economy, and Louisiana’s unfaltering spirit in the face of the dual tragedies of Katrina and the BP disaster.
  • The upper school students held a fundraiser hamburger Barbeque on Usdin Patio.
  • Capstone students attended a lecture by Dr. Scott Kellermann ’63, who spoke about living a life in service to others and his experience serving the indigenous people of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.

And that’s just one week. Imagine all of the wonderful things a Newman student does in a year at the School!




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