News: Newman Teacher invited to study at Columbia

Claudia Shuba, who teaches Chemistry and coaches soccer, was recently asked to study at the Klingenstein Summer Institute. This is an exciting opportunity and just one example of the professional development opportunities available to our faculty.

A description from their site:

Dedicated to affirming beginning teachers and encouraging their continued growth, the Klingenstein Summer Institute gathers 75 teachers from around the world for an exploration of teaching styles, educational philosophies, educational issues and personal development. Meeting for two weeks in late June, the Institute challenges these participants to embrace the complexities of the classroom and to explore the art of teaching and the delicate balance of subject mastery, judgment, intuition and creativity.

This intensive program offered in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, is especially designed to make teachers more effective leaders in the classroom and throughout the school. Participants come together in a variety of workshops, seminars, and collaborative exercises, and are guided by prominent education experts, talented Teachers College professors, and master teachers. Participants also attend a theater production in New York City and explore the neighboring town of Princeton.


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