NAIS Conference: TED Talks

2011 NAIS Annual Conference

The NAIS planning committee tried to re-create the format of the famous TED presentations with three interesting speakers. Liz Coleman, the Bennington College present, made an intellectual argument on the need for colleges and universities to redefine the liberal arts to match a society that demands a more generalist and integrated approach to study. Anya Kamenetz, an “Educational Futurist,” shared why education is sure to change in the coming years, but although technology will dramatically change the learner’s experience, there will still be a premium on direct teacher-student relationships. Finally, Sal Khan shared the story of Khan Academy. He started off by creating some online lectures and presentations to help his cousin strengthen her math comprehension. The irony is that the school his cousin attended was Newman. His online Academy has grown to include lectures on thousands of topics, and now he is integrating assessment systems and working on gamin structures to enhance the online learning experience. Because of his Newman connection, we asked if he would be willing to come speak to our community, and we hope to arrange a time in the near future for him to share this important work at Newman.


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