Guest Blogger: Joan Starr on Dale Smith’s Return

When I learned that Dale Smith was returning to Newman, I could not have been happier! Dale is an extremely bright and knowledgeable educator, a strong and compassionate leader, and his deep love for this school is apparent. He has a respect for its history and traditions as well as an understanding of its challenges. To know that he is coming back home to Newman as Associate Head of School is an exciting prospect for all of us. As the Head of the Upper School post-Katrina, he led both faculty and students through some of the most difficult times in the School’s history with a steady hand, a willing ear and always an open door. Dale has an extraordinary gift with students and he will quickly engender the care and respect of the faculty, the staff, and the community who do not yet know him. Under T.J. and Dale’s leadership and the professional knowledge and the heart they both bring to the school, I can only dream of the school Newman will become, one I hope will also become home to my own grandchildren in the years just ahead.

I am thrilled and honored to be named Dean of Faculty and am looking forward to my new responsibilities in the fall. Ever since I first became a Newman parent, long before I came to be an official part of the School, the faculty has consistently impressed me in every possible personal and professional way. They teach, they lead, they model, and they truly enjoy the students who become so much a part of their lives. They, along with their students, are the heart of the School and the two are what make Newman the extraordinarily special place it is and will continue to be. To have the opportunity to work even more closely with them as educators, colleagues, and friends, is a privilege and a great personal pleasure.



One thought on “Guest Blogger: Joan Starr on Dale Smith’s Return

  1. Dear Newman Community,
    I am a principal at a local charter school that recently took over a failing RSD school. I stopped into Newman yesterday to observe during my Fall Break as a way to enhance my vision and myself. I have never left a school-visit feeling more welcomed and inspired. Dale Smith took significant time out of his day, sharing insight on the remarkable work and learning happening at Newman. All teachers and administrators were just as generous and warm. All exuded a deep passion for their craft as educators, and most encouraging was the sense of partnership conveyed for the education of all New Orleans students.

    Thank you.

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