New Science Department Chair Next Year

Nowell Hesse

I write to you today to share the exciting news that Nowell Hesse will be succeeding Meg Reese as our Grade 6-12 Science Department Chair. As many of you know, Meg will be moving to the D.C. area this summer.

Nowell has taught every level of Physics at Newman over the last seven years, and he has also taught the 8th grade IPS course. After attending Newman, he graduated from the University of Georgia with a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a second major in Genetics. After taking several engineering courses in his misguided attempt to follow a different career path, he came to his senses and realized that Newman is where he wanted to be. He has coached three different sports (Soccer, Football and Track), and he serves as an Upper School Advisor. For the last several years, he has served as our Director of Technology. Nowell is a talented and dedicated educator who has a tremendous loyalty to Newman, and I know he will serve us well in this new position.

Nowell will maintain his role as the Director of Technology, but we will be hiring someone to help with  his day to day duties so that he can adequately focus on Science. During the transition, I know that he will work well with Meg Reese and our lower school Department Chair, Jennifer Williams.

To send him a note of congratulations, email him directly at