Waiting for Superman

I was fortunate to be invited this past Saturday to the New Orleans premiere of the new film, Waiting for Superman. This documentary takes a harsh look at public education in America and clearly presents the argument for more choice in education. Regardless of your politics, you will be struck by this film. I sat with about 75 educators from around New Orleans, and we were all deeply affected by some of the harsh realities of the mediocre results we have seen in public education for what is now several decades. What was uplifting was the knowledge that most of the people in that theater are trying to make a real difference in New Orleans.

As the head of an independent school, I clearly support choice in education. Our families make a choice to be here, and in many cases they make sacrifices to send their children here. We are all like minded in that we believe deeply in the power of education, and we want to provide the very best education possible for our children. The film documents the lives of several families, all of whom simply want a good education for their children.

This film will be controversial because it is critical of the teachers’ unions. It also makes the point that we know what works- we know what to do. We simply need the courage to do it.

I encourage you all to see the film. I’d love to hear what you think of it.


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