Another Day of Magic at Newman

Often when I talk to prospective parents, I simply share what happened that day at Newman because it seems to me that each day is filled with such impressive moments.  My day started yesterday with the Newman Parents Association meeting. The Krohn Foyer was filled with parents signing up to volunteer for the multitude of committees that make the NPA a truly inspiring part of the Newman experience. One parent commented to me that when she first came to Newman, she signed up to volunteer and almost immediately felt at home here on campus as a member of the supportive Newman family.

When the meeting began, I listened to the various leaders on my dynamic team share their excitement about the upcoming year. Lolly Hand talked about the new Peer Leadership Program, the new history curriculum, and Newman’s focus on global education. Phillip Wallace shared 6th Grade teacher Kathryn Simons’ amazement on how well prepared her math students were coming from the lower school. Penny Evins beamed about the leadership of her 5th graders who led the first Greenie Gathering of the year, and we all watched the impeccably dressed Greenies head back to class.

Matthew Miller talked about the new writing lab open to students and the impressive work of our teachers who worked on their craft this summer. The creators of Treme are coming to Newman on October 20 to help us with our Capstone theme of  “community.” Paul Tines flashed his unending enthusiasm for the arts talking about the importance of arts literacy and previewing the exciting calendar of events for the year including the musical, Hairspray. Billy Fitzgerald wowed the crowd with the impressive numbers of students participating in fall athletics. He also explained the new concussion software that we have implemented with our athletes- the same program the NFL uses. Sam Evins finished things up with the multitude of offerings as part of our auxiliary programs.

As each leader spoke, I heard genuine enthusiasm and the common theme of working hard to make Newman the best place possible. We have assembled a team that loves this school and believes our students deserve the best.

It was only 10:00 a.m., and I knew this was going to be another magical day at Newman.


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